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Cast stone for Architects
Visit a high end cast stone manufaturer, click on the photo above

Welcome to Cast Stone For Architects!

We are a informational web for architects to choose their precast concrete manufacturer, we have informational articles explaining everything from manufacture of cast stone and precast concrete to shipping and installing the finished product.

Choosing your cast stone manufacturer is a daunting task, we can help.
We have polled 23,450 sources, and have narrowed the field down to ten  National manufacturers favored by these contacts.
We then asked the manufacturers for references and followed up on them.
We also inspected the plants and finished projects and rated the companys on reliability and quality of product.
We rated the manufacturers from 1-10 number one being the highest.
Now go to top ten rated manufacturer page, click on the link in the left column.

Our # 1 manufacturer, visit the top cast stone co.
Many of the picks are located in the Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and Ventura areas.
Manufacturing includes imitation limestone columns, window and door trim or moldings made from cast stone and precast concrete.


Cast stone arch, click the photo to go to the manufacturers website.

Cast Stone Links For Architects